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Ext2Read is an explorer like utility to explore ext2/ext3/ext4 files. It now supports Linux LVM2. It can be used to view and copy files and folders. It can recursively copy entire folders. It can also be used to view and copy disk and file system images.

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Get Ext2Read at SourceForge.net. Fast, secure and Free Open Source software downloads Download the codes and executables.

New Binaries has been released with some bug fixes. If u find any problems/bugs, pleae let me know.

Sources are now also available in github: http://github.com/mregmi/ext2read



Friday, March 12, 2010

Ext2read 2.0

The newer version of Ext2read is released. It is now an explorer like application from where you can read ext2/ext3 partitions.
Download the codes and executables.


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